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About Us

COMFORT FOR THE AGED takes pride in providing the best and most comfortable gyriatric care for the aged using holistic and hygeinic methods to cater for your ward in other for your ward to enjoy his/her aged years happily in good health and mental condition. Our goal is to make your ward feel well catered for with maximum attention 24 hours in the day to provide an extended lifespan.


Structures are in place which provides;

      ~24 hour quality nursing care

      ~Good interpersonal relationship and companionship

      ~Indoor and outdoor activities

      ~Quality and well balanced meals

      ~Visit by medical doctor

      ~Visit by religious leaders


Our institution seeks to provide your ward a home far from home yet not feeling so much away from home.





Let's talk

Kasoa- Galilea

4th Bus Stop from Toll Booth en route Cape Coast

Behind West End International School

Tel: +233 20 276 6985

       +233 30 290 6174


E-mail: contact@comfort4theaged.com

Website: www.comfort4theaged.com


Fill the form below to contact our reliable and up to the minute team for all enquiries and receive instant replies to your emails.

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